An invitation to join the New College Four Winds Legacy Society.

As time passes by, so do the opportunities to influence the future. To create a better, brighter future for the campus and students alike, New College Foundation created the New College Four Winds Legacy Society, a planned giving initiative, in 2005. The New College Four Winds Legacy Society was created to recognize alumni, faculty, friends, and community partners who have made a bequest or a planned gift to the College. Your gift builds facilities, endows faculty chairs, provides scholarships and finances research grants that attract and sustain exceptional faculty. It ensures that the College is constantly evolving to meet the needs of a 21st-century education.

By becoming a New College Four Winds Legacy Society member, you join the company of many who have helped to provide for generations of students and scholars to come. Legacy donors serve as an inspiration to all who share a vision for New College’s future and want to make an investment in the leaders of tomorrow.


“How could I not belong to the New College Four Winds Legacy Society? New College changed my life and was vital in shaping all I was able to go on to do. I want to help make it possible for other students to experience the utter belief in the value of the life of the mind and inquiry; the accomplished, committed faculty; the trust in and encouragement of each student to find their own path, and the rejection of formulaic answers. It is my turn to give back, with gratitude, for the academic, personal, and financial support I received at New College.”

– Esther Barazzone ‘64
Retired President, Chatham College


Legacy Luncheon Spring 2022

The Four Winds Legacy and Scholarship Celebration Lunch was held at New College on April 7, 2022 in honor of our Legacy and Scholarship Donors. About 80 people attend including faculty, students and staff. Opening remarks were given by Four Winds Legacy Chair Fan Blum followed by New College President Dr. Pat Okker, and students Saurav Kiri and Kamila Azizi. 

"New College has been instrumental in preparing me for medical school – thanks to the rigorous curriculum, I scored a 527 out of 528 on the Medical College Admissions Test, a feat accomplished by less than 0.1% of the nation’s test takers annually. This summer I will be applying to medical school, and I know with the education I got here at NCF, I can shoot for the stars."

–Saurav Kiri

"I was born as a refugee in Quetta, Pakistan: the only land that had admitted my parents to provide a chance for my sister and I to not be punished for speaking with a voice. None of this would have been possible without your contributions to this institution. With your help to New College, you are deriving the change outside the borders of this country."

–Kamila Azizi

Their words and deeds shine a light in the world. We hope you enjoy the pictures and on behalf of Four Winds Legacy Society co-chairs, Fran Blum and Sue Jacobson, thank you for all you do for New College.

To hear the students again, please click here.

Photos from the Four Winds Legacy Society and Scholarship Celebration are below.

Legacy Luncheon Spring 2022